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871CC Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Sensors and Accessories

Foxboro 871CC Sensors (Cells), in conjunction with supporting 871CC accessories, offer a dependable, fast, durable, and in-line means of measuring ionic content of a sample stream. As symbolized by the “CE” Logo marking on the product, these sensors conform to the applicable European Union directives when used with the electrochemical analyzers listed below.

871CC Contacting Conductivity/Resistivity Sensors are used with Foxboro 873CC, 873RS, 873ACC, 873ARS, 875CR, and 870ITCR Electrochemical Analyzers and Transmitters to detect the conductivity or resistivity of a solution. The analyzer applies a low frequency voltage or current across the sensor electrodes in contact with the process fluid. The resulting electrical parameter is sampled, interpreted, temperature-corrected, and displayed by the analyzer.

Application Flexibility
A choice of two cell factors, 0.1 cm-1 and 10 cm-1, is available for conductivity measurement. The required cell factor is dictated by the measurement type and range. Resistivity measurements always use a sensor having a cell factor of 0.1 cm-1. Conductivity measurements utilize both cell factors. 871CC Sensors are offered with a wide variety of mounting options and a choice of two temperature elements.

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