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Foxboro By Schneider Electric LogoThe Model CO Compact Orifice is a wafer body orifice plate that includes an integral three-valve manifold. This rugged, one-piece unit mounts directly to an I/A Series® differential pressure transmitter. An alignment ring and an optional installation kit provide the hardware necessary to properly install the orifice in various pipeline sizes having ANSI or DIN flanges.

• Used with the following I/A Series® Differential
Pressure Transmitters: IDP10 DP Transmitter,
IDP25 Multirange Transmitter, IDP50 Premium
Performance Transmitter, and IMV25 and IMV30
Multivariable Transmitters.
• Direct mounting of the Model CO Compact
Orifice to d/p Cell® transmitter, as compared to
separate and remote manifold and transmitter
installations, provides improved and more
consistent performance and a greatly simplified
and economical installation procedure.
• The Compact Orifice and the calibrated
transmitter are factory assembled to form a
functioning unit, and shipped ready for
installation in a pipeline.
• Suitable for use in liquid, gas, or steam service.
• Optimal beta ratios of 0.40 or 0.65 available.
• A 316 ss, 25 mm (1 in) thick wafer body, with a
concentric orifice.
• Offered for use in pipeline sizes ranging from
DN 15 to DN 100, or 1/2 to 4 inches, having ANSI
or DIN flanges.
• A standard alignment ring, for use with the
pipeline size and ANSI or DIN flange selected, is
provided with each Model CO to easily and
accurately center the orifice within the pipeline.
• Ready-to-Install assembly.
• Pipeline installation kits (with studs, nuts, and
gaskets), consistent with pipeline size and flange
type, are optionally available.

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