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The Foxboro brand Model IMV31 Density Compensated Level Transmitter is an intelligent two-wire transmitter. It provides precise and reliable measurement of absolute and differential pressure, sensor and
electronics temperature, and process or wet leg temperature. It transmits a 4 to 20 mA or digital output signal using HART Communication Protocol for remote configuration, calibration, and monitoring. When used for tank level measurement, it calculates level compensated for liquid density changes.

Featured Highlights

  • One transmitter measures differential pressure, tank pressure, and fluid temperature. This enhances reliability due to fewer transmitters; and also reduces valve, wiring, and installation costs.
  • Compensates for liquid density variations caused by both pressure and temperature changes. This provides accurate DP-based level measurement even when liquid density varies.
  • Working pressures to 6.9 MPaa (1000 psia) for non boiler applications. Much higher working pressures for boiler applications are as listed in the Functional Specifications section.
  • Suitable for open (vented) and closed tanks.
  • On closed tanks, equations compensate for dry or wet leg applications. Density compensation also provided for both tank and wet leg liquid.
  • Used with nearly any height tank or liquid density.
  • Provides cost-effective density-compensated level measurement for numerous process fluids; excellent value for highly functional device.
  • Unique selections for water/steam provided to facilitate boiler drum selection/configuration, where accuracy depends on compensating the measured DP for liquid/vapor density changes.
  • Standard 5-year warranty.

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