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Model RTT80

Foxboro By Schneider Electric LogoThe Foxboro® brand Model RTT80 is a microprocessor-based temperature transmitter with HART® Communication Protocol. It receives input signals from thermocouples, RTDs, ohm, or millivolt sources.

  • Superior accuracy and long term stability from microprocessor-based technology.
  • Registration to HART Protocol Revision 7 (HART 7) digital communications is standard.
  • Available with or without SIL certification.
  • One unit configurable for a variety of Thermocouple (TC) and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) inputs.
  • Supports 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTDs.
  • Allows average or difference measurement.
  • Hot sensor backup - switches to the second sensor if the primary sensor fails.
  • Temperature-dependent switching between sensors used in different measuring ranges.
  • Drift warning or alarm if the deviation between sensor 1 and sensor 2 is less than or greater than a predefined limit value.
  • Thermocouple cold junction compensation.
  • Galvanic isolation 2 kV input to output.
  • Rich on-board diagnostics.
  • Optional digital indicator.
  • Available as a basic module that can mount to a surface or DIN rail, or in explosion-proof universal or dual compartment housings for remote mounting, and integral sensor and thermowell mounting.
  • Available with a wide selection of sensors and thermowells.
  • Configurable failsafe mA value.
  • Maximum/minimum temperature logging.
  • Conforms to applicable European Union Directives (product marked with “CE” logo).
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with all relevant requirements of EN 61326 and NAMUR NE21.
  • Meets many testing agency requirements for hazardous area installations.
  • Standard two year warranty.

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